How it works

We make money from partners and advertisers. Think about it like Jeopardy: they give away thousands every night, but make enough to cover their costs via ads.

You can join and play for fun outside of the US but we cannot currently payout anyone that is not a US resident.

You can request a cash out once your balance surpasses $25.00

No sweat, we'll top it off with another 50¢ within a week (Tuesday mornings at 3am EST)! Or you can invite friends and get more instantly.

Nope, that is how we keep it legal. But we would love it if you used one of our referral links to work with a partner of ours. This is how we stay afloat.

Once you reach the cash out threshold of $25.00, you can request a cash out and we will pay you via Venmo or PayPal. We require that you cash out the full balance when requesting a cash out.

We plan on implementing these types of bets soon.

Your payment will be processed and sent within 7 business days.

Yes. You can cash out a maximum of $600 annually. We plan to expand this but need to make sure we don't get wiped out early on :)

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