Common Sportsbook Rules

Common Sportsbook Rules - Published
July 22, 2022

If you are looking to get into the sports betting world, then you need to first learn about the Common Sportsbook Rules. These rules apply to all sportsbooks and govern how bets are placed and settled.

In this article, we will answer all of your questions about Common Sportsbook Rules and explain everything you need to know in order to make informed bets. Keep reading for a comprehensive overview of Common Sportsbook Rules!

The Common Sportsbook Rules are as follows:

  • All bets are to be placed through the sportsbook.
  • The minimum bet is $100.
  • All bets must be settled within 30 days.
  • If a bet is voided, it will be refunded in full.
  • Bets placed on single events cannot be combined.
  • If a bet is placed on multiple events, the odds must be cumulative.
  • Bets cannot be canceled once they are placed.
  • All withdrawals must be made through the sportsbook.
  • The minimum withdrawal is $100.
  • Withdrawals can only be made once per day.
  •  All prices and odds are subject to change.
  •  Games must be played on the day they are scheduled.
  • All bets must be placed and accepted before the start of the game or event that is being wagered on.
  • You are generally not permitted to bet on both the moneyline and the point spread of a particular game within the same parlay.
  • You are generally not permitted to bet on both the point spread and the total of the same event.
  • In baseball, the outcome of a game is usually determined official after 5 innings of play.
  • Generally, if you bet on the “next” event and that game is over before the next one begins, all wagers on that index will be no-actioned.
  • If the odds have changed significantly between the time a bet is submitted and the time it is confirmed, your sportsbook will reject the wager.
  • All clients must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Once funds have been deposited in members' accounts, bets can be placed.
  • Third-party deposits are generally forbidden.
  •  Verification and settlement before withdrawal
  • All accounts are private and confidential.
  • The sportsbook will reserve the right to accept or refuse any wager.
  • The sportsbook reserves the right to restrict the maximum wager before accepting any bet.
  • You cannot bet more than what is in your account.
  • Once confirmed, no wagers may be canceled.
  • There is a maximum amount available to win on certain bets; limits will be placed by the sportsbook.
  • It is your responsibility to report your transactions to the appropriate taxable jurisdiction.
  • A sportsbook is not responsible for clients who disclose their password or account number to other parties.
  • Only one account is allowed per person; multiple accounts will be voided.
  • The sportsbook has the right to close or suspend any account at any time without notice.
  • The sportsbook has the right to change or void any bet at any time without notice.
  • The decision of the sportsbook is final in all cases.

Specific rules vary from one sportsbook to another. We've compiled a list of rules that will be in effect at whichever sportsbook you choose to bet at.

The sportsbooks that offer online gambling services are legitimate businesses, and they must comply with specific rules to stay in business. In order to keep their customers happy, these fair rules are created and enforced.

These are just some of the Common Sportsbook Rules that you need to be aware of before placing a bet. Remember to always do your research before placing any bet and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Good luck and happy betting!